Save the Change

Save the Change – June.

Save the Change – July.

Save the Change – August.

Save the Change – September.

Save the Change – October.

So my bank recently added a feature to round up every card/contactless payment to the nearest pound and add it to a separate account.

For example if I spend £2.75 on The Beano (Yes that’s how much it costs now!!) then 25p would be automatically sent to my nominated savings account. If I spent £3.20 on a pint of Coke in a pub then 80p would be saved etc etc.

So from 1st June until The Big Ball (26th November) I’ll be donating all of that saved change to the 20 Things fundraising. I’ll do at at the end of each month and update the totals.

It’s not going to be an earth shattering amount, but as one of the big supermarkets used to say: Every Little Helps!