The Big Ball was a Big Success!

So on Saturday it was The Big Ball and after a months of planning (more realistically a few weeks of last minute planning) the evening went smoothly and was great fun.

It raised a fantastic £1,356.71 which brings the total amount so far to an incredible £3,942.14!

The catering (aka Crisp Corner and the Sweet Spot) were popular and Catch 22 put on a brilliant performance and kept the dance floor busy all night.

The Big Raffle ended up with 60 prizes and I only made 3 mistakes (mixed up the name of the first, lost the second and forgot to print the third entirely) with a combined value of over £2,300! So grateful to everyone who very generously donated towards these.

The night also marked the end of Guess the Sweets in the Jar and Guess the Bear’s Name, see Guessing Games for the answers!